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Restoration services

Rust removal, treatment and prevention.


Rust can be a common problem with classic vehicles which if you leave untreated will eventually lead to more serious and costly repairs. Whether it’s a few rust spots developing around your seals, doors, arches or something more serious you need to remove, treat and prevent further damage sooner rather than later. Our body shop is equipped to deal with rust properly, we don’t just treat the surface rust because we know it will just creep back in a few years. We have full sheet metal working facilities, plasma, Mig, Tig and spot welding and our skilled technicians can restore your bodywork to its original condition.

Dents scratches and scuffs


Accidents can happen spoiling what would otherwise be a perfect finish to your bodywork. We know how disappointing this type of damage can be and how important it is to restore it the right way so you don’t have to worry about it resurfacing. We assess the damage and apply the correct treatment, specialise in modern repair techniques for stone chipped bonnets, scratches including key or vandal scratches, bumper scuffs and minor dents. Don’t live with it come to us and get your body work back to good as new.

Re-sprays & paint restoration


Your paintwork may have weathered significantly over the years and having this restored can be a great way to add a whole new lease of life to your vehicle. We can put the shine back on a dull finish, restoring your paint using the latest renovation techniques and treatments. However if you are interested in a bare metal re-sprays our workshop is also fully equipped with high and low bake painting facilities, acid etching. 2 pack isocyanate and water based paint systems complying to full warranty specification.

Modern safety measures such as seat belt fitment


Most classic car enthusiasts would agree that the factory standard cannot be beaten however it is also likely that the safety standards back then where a far cry from what is considered acceptable today. We are skilled at discreetly installing these important and life saving devices such as seat belts and dual circuit brakes so you can enjoy the peace of mind that your vehicle is as safe as a classic vehicle can be.


Custom fabrication


If you want your car or bike to stand out from the crowd by looking a little bit different we can give you what you want. We offer a complete custom fabrication service including full sheet metal working facilities, We are experts in cutting, folding, rolling and welding using plasma, MIG, TIG and spot welding techniques. We also offer plastic welding to complete any look. Take a look at some of our award winning customised cars and motorbikes. We look forward to hearing your ideas and working with you to make something truly unique.



Everybody knows your car can’t be taken seriously without some custom modification to the suspension whether it’s lowering a few inches or slamming it to the ground. Our technicians will offer you advice on what it will take to get the look you want and the modifications necessary to insure you will have the clearance you need under the arches and an acceptable ride.


SMART repairs


Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques or SMART for short is a technique for repairing minor damage to your body work with the minimum of inconvenience and expense. We use manufacturer approved quality paints and materials, rapid curing lacquer, infra-red drying and specially designed spray guns. Therefore the damaged can be repaired and blended into the undamaged area with the minimum impact to the original bodywork whilst keeping the financial outlay to a minimum.

Plastic welding


If you have broken plastic such as a cracked bumper or broken fairings on your motorbike then plastic welding can be a cost effective alternative to replacing the damaged parts. We can repair most types of damage from minor cracks to large areas of splitting. We can even replace areas that have broken away especially if you have the missing pieces. Once repaired a plastic welded repair will be far superior to other repair methods such as glue, adhesive or bonding.

Accident damage work undertaken


Often garages don’t understand the additional stress you suffer when you need repair work to a classic or customised car, we do. We have extensive experience dealing with all aspects of car repairs, insurance and accident work. We know how important it is to restore the work back to its original condition so contact us now and speak to one of the friendly technicians on our team and let us take care of it the right way.

Panel repairs to full panel replacement


Damage to the panels of your car can be easily done but hard to repair and if it’s not done properly will resurface in a few years leading to further costly repairs. When you come to us for a panel repair you can be assured we are not going to simply cover over the damage, our aim is to restore your car as close to the factory standard as we can. We have even rebuilt cars that have had severe damage to multiple panels as you can see below!